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Db. .luLius Althaus (London) writes: Mr. Bruce Clarke professes him-

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Biliary colic with persistent jaundice and its consequences,

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the two instances of Liversedge (10.0), and Edinburgh (12.5),

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within 2 inches of the pylorus, and was just large enough to

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greatest importance, but unfortunately it was amongst those

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Meanwhile it seems most rational to use those preparations

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diseases, illustrated by microscopic sections, drawings, and

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throughout the year. Under the orchestra is the band room,

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of Bolton Infirmary, who kindly examined the bladder micro-

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formerly regarded as perfectly hopeless alive and in comfort

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to consider points of this kind when pressure was being put

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great fact of the source of nerve energy we may feel sure. It

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Gazette ot April 18th. He is replaced in the same position

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devoted to the subject, which form a complete and original

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appointed Deputy Medical Officer to tho Runcorn Union \ orkhouse,

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pelled to do in the one case for no extra remuneration from

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had been vaccinated were ravaged with small-pox, and the

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iliac variety. The second, which I watched from its very on-

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He had vaccinated 2o,oco children, and when sometimes abscesses or

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supplied from the third and fourth cervical nerves, and the

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our traffic with Lorient is trivial, for the port is little more than a naval

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absence of fixation of the elements of the white substance.

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member of the surgical staff at St. Bartholomew's who had

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patient herself frequently drew attention, that she had been

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fact, even up to date, views differ on this point, as the con-

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have been much easier if No. 4 bearer had turned to his right, and then

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it was discovered that carbonic acid gas forms a hydrate, that

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C. Fibroid Thickening at the Level of the Os IntbbnuiA',;

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muco pus. The surface of the appendix was smooth and showed no

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Mr H L. Smith, A bany. Western Australia; ur. T. D. Savill, London ;

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When next seen there was a thick greyish-white membrane

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White. J. A. T., M.R.C.S.Eng., LR.C.P.Lond., appointed Assistant House-

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M. Zambaco asserts that leprosy exists in France. M. Strauss

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104..V'. He was conscious when roused, but was irritable, and curled

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