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Although fatal from an intercurrent disease, this case exemplified the

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recognized efficacy won the absolute confidence and

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tines, fetid gas escapes on opening the sac, and the contents of these

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leading to coalescence of mgre or less of the cells. The atrophons con-

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limited to the site of the liver ; careful examination will suffice to show

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regarded by some pathologists, not as exudations consequent upon

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the reliance must be on the constitution of the patient, aided by eflacient

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morbid changes, apparent after death, which denote this disease. Mere

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exploration of the chest. The diagnosis is strengthened, on the one hand,

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Opium is invaluable in this, as in other acute inflammations. It is indi-

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processes of digestion, d^^speptics are apt to experience an uncomfortable

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Chemist and Graduate cj the Ecole Ceni^-ale des Arts et Manitfachires de Pans " {France,

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ral symptoms denoting loss of blood are to be taken into account. Hemor-

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with soda and lime, and that the phosphate of ammonia decom-

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rigid lung in 8, and to the upper lobe of the left lung in 8 cases. It was

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As regards appetite and digestion, there is much diversity in different

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Hrnbs was brought on, which permanently altered their shape,

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was to produce and sustain a steady and rather copious perspira-

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outset, and, indeed, all along, is less violent than in colic, and, after a

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conjunctivitis, and superficial ulceration of the cornea; chronic suppura-

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mortification of the walls within the sj^ace nourished by the branch which

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so-called spontaneity of any disease is presumptive evidence of its being a

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College, in conformity with a request to that effect from a number

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Dyspepsia, Pulmonary Consumption, Constipation, Gastric and In-

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(Aseptic Pepsin, i to 4000, P., D. & Co.'s), in the full con-

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I have met with a case in which the history appeared to show that the

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The breadth of the shoulders compared with the narrowness

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ingestion of food beyond the powers of digestion, but, in these diseases,

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be considered as affording more or less exemption from the former.

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discover them is not proof that an attack of hepatic colic has not been ex-

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by the deposit within them of pigment derived from the blood. In gene-

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in reference to the history of their fellow-laborers.

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are dependent neither upon the other, but each upon a causative condi-

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It was not surprising that 'Hhe priest-like father,*' watching the

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sphere, of which these variations are effects or accompaniments.

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to a respectable and increasing practice ; when failing health

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oorded every week, excepting two, the 8th and 12th of the third

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feebleness or the want of voluntar}^ efforts of coughing, the mucous secre-