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found partly in the uppermost portions of the central convolutions, but appar-

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only a weak and insignificant sensation, or even no corresponding sensation

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inulin, and also certain other related substances, such as mannite and inosite,

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ever, may sometimes be a reflex, evoked by mechanical irritation of the fascia

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(Natural Science examination), (4) of having undergone a four years'

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Charles Arthur Sima, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.

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research problem will extend over a period of three or more quarters. The candidate

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Dental Practice, nine months. Three years' practical instruction in

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have to do with hysteria), the same diagnostic features (pupils, manner of

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surgery at any body of surgeons or at a university in the United

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example, to execute most of the motions of the hand with precision, it is neces-

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worry, and emotional strain. In many of these cases we may query as to the

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cord on the same side (secondary degeneration of the

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5ittacine aio^'l'""^ Infection found In over 70 species of birds, m%t comon in the

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Paralysis of the abducens is characterized by the inability to move the

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(5) Prelsure Is applied gradual^ to about ZS ptH^nds per squ^e inch. ' '

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milk, eggs, etc. If stricture of the oesophagus develops afterwards, an en-

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Ordinary major operations, special nurses, private rooms, medicines, and special

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the general health. Chorea gravidarum must also be regarded as of far more

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(95° to 100° F. [28° to 30° E.] or more) seem to act well, but in other cases

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When the acute process is wholly past and we can no longer count on any

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acute myelitis. A more or less complete paraplegia comes on within a few

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3. Conference Courses in Gynecology. — Gross anatomy of the internal and external

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ing the general health. There is always danger of a recurrence when the

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understood from the preceding explanation of the interpretation of the deep

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practical class, Huxley and Martin's " Elementary Biology."