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a few millimetres above the level of the skin, and secreting a sero-
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about it, and referred to the incident at other times.
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For some hours phases of excitement alternated with periods of
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should have been the last to meddle in such a matter in such a way.
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are not invariably of one character. In the horse especially it is not
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the animal refused food. A veterinary surgeon who examined it
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by three clearlj- marked symptoms — extreme depression, high fever,
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may do so. The fluid accumulates— and it was so with this patient —
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and vegetables, he had been living exclusively on bread, meat, and
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death. It was shown by experiment that these conditions may be in-
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correct, it is evidently essentially difTcrent from that of our Act. That
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and ordered good living. She slowly to recover. Having said
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short stay, ',vcnt hack again. Liston was dead, his cousin, compatriot
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neuralgia, differ very greatly, though, as far as phenomena go, they
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Sir James, and the hostages to the future which he had already given in