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few years of its existence. During that time it num-

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dies usually recommended. Blisters are certainly of use; but the

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pant of the house in Robinson street selected for the

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delirium, convulsions, and coma. In the heart it gives rise to more

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pression of the brain exists. The pulse is slow in cases of opium or

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cocaine solution dropped into it a few minutes before attempting to

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tion cannot be established nor can the heart beat be excited without

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times a day after meals. It must be well diluted in water. Nitrate

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Exceptionally large squamous cells, often adherent into groups, are derived

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oedema, headache and vomiting give frank announcement of the inflamma-

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this result is not due to the treatment. The disease has run its natu-

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chronic interstitial nephritis, and that form of acute interstitial nephritis

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proportion of cases extends to both. In occasional cases only a small

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fat globules, crystals of soap and fatty acids, and numerous muscular

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Slippery Elm Jelly — Take four ounces of slippery elm bark,

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investigate these organs in order to learn its origin or treat the

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character. Even then the albuminous loss through the kidneys is

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the mode and place of origin of the Bence-Jones protein remain unsolved

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prominent for his popularity and success as a clinical

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followed by hemorrhage, immoTDilization of the part or light com-

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ease, arterial sclerosis, diabetes, lithiasis, and various skin diseases,

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who remained beside her all night, stated that she would probably

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men until sometime prior to birth, when they descend through an

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about the house should be cleansed, as furniture, clothing, carpets

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mal and subordinate position of a symptom, to the rank and dignity

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signs of a diathetic tendency are not always well marked, but in

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angina pectoris ; that of the stomach, gastralgia ; of the back and

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of such urine cannot be simulated by the addition of hsematoporphyrin,

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preventively, in mild forms of dandruff, before baldness becomes an

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Dystrophy of the skin is certainly observed in some cases, as well

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i-auses of disease were much dwelt upon. When insanity appeared

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present, only to return with greater vigor in a couple of days unless

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Oatmeal Water. — Put a tablespoonful of coarse oatmeal in a

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and dry. Should the temperature run xevy high, there is usually

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limb. Jaccoud^ has described a tetanic variety, in which the clonic stage

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stenocardia which are in themselves insignificant, because we can

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Clinic, the Vanderbilt, establishment of, 163 ; location and

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disease. It is at this period of life that the tendency to cutaneous

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in the polyuria of fright on the one hand, and hysterical anuria on the other.

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three days, until considerable inflammation is produced. Following

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of the recorded cases are not beyond question on this account.

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them aright. She must restrain and encourage, as the nature of

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healthy action, increases the now of bile and in small doses is one of

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and such oedema is certainly sometimes developed in cases of arthritis

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