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brietly described the investigations of Pasteur, Koch,
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ing of the reports presented at our annual meeting a year ago, and
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blood was drawn into a solution of sodium citrate, the corpuscles
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that it does not always occur ; some cases even from the outset
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hand, only a difficulty in voluntarily recalling certain latent memory pictures, i. e.,
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marriage of phthisical subjects ; to separate the phthisical
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seems most plausible. The association of the disease with leucoderma
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there is a small abrasion and three or four pin-head spots of blood.
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lengthened interval. In a certain number of cases ossific
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lated plasma in two minutes likewise clotted solidly in two minutes
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from such self-devotion occurred in the person of a house surgeon at King's
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subject, the wonder is not that these cases do occur, but that they
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which are submerged stems or mycclia of the PeniciUium. The savin or
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asepsis can be attained. Thus, if we are ignorant of the extent of danger
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first variety occurs during jiregnancy without any other sign of ill
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care is not exercised. 1 am rather inclined to believe
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there was required for correction, either alone or in con-
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The May Century is especially rich in verse, having con-
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mobility owing to the postmortem solidification of the
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sympathetic is thus indicated in exactly those cases in
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epiphysema or disease of the heart or kidneys. In these cases the dyspnoea
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Water, mineral, Buxton, 345 ; of Harrogate, 122, 684 ;
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The chief differences between these two hookworms consist in
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Intelligence Department during the Peninsular war, whose life was
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to the Society. Dr. L. remarked that during life tlie
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described by Gilford and Westphal. It consists in a contrac-
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On admission, the prominent symptom was pain, and occasional sick-^-
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or with a succession of nocturnal emissions. I was assured by one
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Etiteroeutof the estimated aud actual income and expenditure of the