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question of curative treatment discussed. The patient has never
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■•^rlu',, Bei l., 188:i, IX, 670. — Frauk ( S. L. ) Reuroval of
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The dropsical cases may come on rapidly and present all the
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certainly with benefit to the visual organs stopping the bleeding. In this case, the
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the sense of pain and the fear of pain, and by restoring the
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observation of which extends over more than four years,
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the foot covering, and it is open to question whether the con-
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inquire: but I am sure that I have always noticed it in my lectures. As to
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epilepsy, for which she was treated with the bromides. Severe
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as dilute phosphoric acid, glacial phosphoric acid, neutral phos-
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is a distinct error in the distribution of the arterial supply.
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to the privileges and possess the powers as provided in
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low the Dutch to be too shrewd a people to pay men for exer-
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welcomed, well-educated and competent homoeopathic physi-
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cords are attached directly to the electrode. A set of
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to answer in the light of our present knowledge of co-
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value of examinations of sight, color sense, and hearing
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each others actions. The co-existence of two or more specific
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•on three occasions, but no castor oil was given along with it.
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in it, and it is not tender. It began to form nine days ago.
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the Laboratory of Postmortem Pathology of the Philadelphia General Hospital.)
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so well known, was evidently too much. After feeding upon
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These forms of hernia are frequently met with on the Con-
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tines, and result from the contraction of the circular muscular fibres,
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to prevent the thin-soled boots of ladies from being distorted by
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selves, it almost always fails. Then there are some portions of the
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the drug was discontinued. It did not contain albumen
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nation I found uterus normal, cervix rigid, and no mass in eitfier
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to the immunity following bites, says that it is probable that this