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T.ucas, of Bombay, in the treatment of hypertrophy of

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treme prostration follows, often accompanied by a rigor or

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sloughing consequent on strangulated hernia. A spur-like process

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control, improper feeding is one of the chief causes of the great

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Schiiler. Fall einer Erblindung in Folge doppelseitimn

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directed straight through the two external tunics, at the intermediate point between

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are attached ; that it has to assist extensive movements, and, in

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is not used causes the worm to make an effort to remain

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thb opinion are numerous. We do not intend to discuss the poitit in

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Her physical condition also substantiated it. She was

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develops between doctor and patient, where authority and

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state of matters. Having drawn this dreadful picture, he set

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There were not only a goodly number of ladies occu-

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to be a very marked symptom ; in the case we are reporting there

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with blood. Such is the pus of cold abscesses, of abscesses by congestion,

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materials destined for expectoration. Hence irritation,

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showed slight opacity. Cerebro-spinal foramen patent and fourth ventricle not

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tion Mr. Curtis' twenty-one economic disadvantages of

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formed imperfectly and with difficulty. The general health of the patient

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Roberton's. The essential conditions to be contended for are :

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visions and voices of Joan of Arc, she the indwelling spirit, the soul of all of

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in the police courts of Chicago within a period of two or three months, and

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great toe. Every winter since then has been invalided for about three

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uses are not yet precisely ascertained. It must not be con-

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mixture consisting of fifteen minims of dilute nitric acid, half