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frequently be produced by pricking the integument, tickling the sole of

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Gaz. med. da Bahia, 1885-6, 3. s., iii, 446-450, — Seidl (C.)

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does not exert any pressure of itself, though just near

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Frederick Bradley Downs of Bridgeport, by George L. Porter

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An Icehmd surgeon, Dr. Thorarensen, has reported a case in which w.

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vessel from a port in which the disease prevailed at

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but who " tempers the wind to the shorn lamb," may sustain them under the weight of

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oogeu. Nederl. Tijd.schr. v. Geueesk., Amst.. 1897, 2. R.,

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on other parts of the abdomen. The patient cannot sit up, nor

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even so exhausting, as to demand relief. ]\Iorphin can be rehed on

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These were regarded as syphilitic in nature, and between that time

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putations, do not appear to have given more advantageous results.

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nant tumors teaches that herpes febrilis depends upon a toxic action;

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hollow cylinder about three inches in diameter and about

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Iron Electrode Lamp. — The lamp shown in Fig. 24 is

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pecially applicable to incised wounds. In gunshot wounds

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report on the work of the College. Two films — “Big Game Hunt in British Columbia,” personally

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very important one, but it is almost as puzzling at times

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toxin mortality rates, the corrected Toronto mortality rate from

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accumulate in the bronchial tubes to an extent to occasion inconvenience,

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lengthened interval. In a certain number of cases ossific

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one point, and that is, that any type of appendicitis is liable to suppu-

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measles, is an affection of very little importance, exclusive of the liability

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than to the skin is less likely to give rise to a permanent

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possible to make it greater without sacrificing their utility.

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Dr. E. B. Silvers, of Rahway, said that in alcoholic

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his name and address (if you do not already know), assure him that

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see this kind of professional talent devoted to the humane work of

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diagnostic ability that had almost the certitude of an intuition.