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makes no difference; the results are the same. The poison may
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Charles Williams, Assistant-Surgeon to the Hospital. The
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14 gay: studies on the nature of biological specificity
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partridge's egg and has gradually grown to its present
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sisted merely in the application of a borax lotion. — (^Lancet^
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Extracts (extraits) are spirituous solutions of the odorous prin-
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tribuling tubercle bacilli, for when the sputum becomcH dry it Ih easily
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gas and gold labels, infinitely to the injury of those
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L2) GuNN AND Chavasse: Proc. R. Soc, Lxxxvi, 192, 1913.
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often a suspicion that vision is impaired ; but usually no definite ophthal-
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suffering from tuberculosis be transferred to this hos-
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recorded twice, and perforation with general peritonitis is also
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to pa'-:s Avater. He is regular and tempera; e, almost
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places he supports his peculiar views with considerable force
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To Dr. Gray, therefore, we are indebted for the first American
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urine is often a symptom of retention ; of which fact the
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mation ; that in other cases it is a true infectious disease,
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some of the pages, it is pretty certain that Dr. Ingalls has un -capped a
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of explaining how the longitudinal force, assumed to be acting, was con-
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and exclusively supported by the government, as well as others
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once a week. The administration of quinine by the mouth on account
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opened? Petit says no, if it can be possibly avoided.
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opposed portions of the parietal pleura are in contact with one another.
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ness. The skin was dry and hot, fauces congested, tongue
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convincing testimony. One of the greatest opportunities for
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