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beginning of the disease, (ii.) That at the beginning of the fit the face
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the systolic sound, and apparently blending with it. In some of these
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or ball of the great toe ; but sometimes in other parts of the foot
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nutrition and gain in weight were noticeable from the first.
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4. Two Cases of Graves' Disease Successfully Treated as In-
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arts, have acquired a factitious eminence in every brancli of
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Brandini and many others to give relief from the intense
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Centralbl. 1892, xi. pp. 592, 631.-173. Idem. Arch. f. pdh. Anat. Berlin, 1895, cxxxix.
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Jones, J. Walter, Boone, Chattanooga Med. Coll., 1900 1902
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this treatment and the patient should be especially in-
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each tube one loop of fluid was passed into several tubes of melted agar and
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pretation, as well as for that of physiciU signs. But all can much improve
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probably partly due to the expansion outward of the
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necticut have been considerably alarmed at the preva-
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therefore, somewhat unsatisfactory in many details, one or two general facts
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treatment of the insane, is an earnest advocate of the moral treatment
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In the management of typhoid fever one must have as fair
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alcohol, sealed, and kept in a dark place until the analysis could be undertaken.
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ever, there is an unusual degree of backward deflection,
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great obstruction through their transixirtation back home, through tlie neces-
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before with typhoid fever. After two weeks, when the
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■of her face was observed to grow thin. The atrophy Involved
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men of Delhi, with the double object of alleviating
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totally disappeared, wbile tbe outer borny layer is mucb atropbied.
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mended. (See WARNINGS: Skeletal Muscle and PRECAUTIONS: Drug Interactions.)
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(loth) edition, much enlarged, thoroughly revised and largely rewritten.
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to read to keep up with local medical society think-
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be such, are vegetables ; and hence the question arises, " does