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ercise their harmful effect by interfering with the

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percussion-resonance at the lower part of the chest,

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minimum); MAY 1-LABOR DAY— $50.00 per day (1 week mini-

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The continuing medical education accreditation program of the

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chloroform, is most beneficial, and was in this case, as I have

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morphia in the twenty-four hours. The vomiting had persisted

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his condition was more favorable in the morning, but

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favor of the malarial nature of the disease, but it is perhaps the .weakest

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In order to properly evaluate a patient for hirsutism,

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for an aneurism of the temporal region, to tie the ex-

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Brom. Pot and Vs gr« EACH of gen. imp. ext Cannabis Imp. and Hyosq^am.

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sensations" about the chest. There also appeared the usual

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pital, £78 ; Skin Di.spcnsary, £39 ; Dental Hospital, £39.

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