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the men. The doctor had erected, by his convalescents, a bake-house,

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CAUTIONS, Drug Interactions.) If possible, the dose of the diuretic should be reduced, which may diminish the likelihood

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size and location of fibrous plaque formation associated

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jputrefaction even after it had commenced (' Med. Gaz.' Jan. 1850).

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Dr. V. P. Gibney said that when the affection was single, good results

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Essays and Notes on the Physiology and Diseases of Women, and on Practi-

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Weekly Returns would indicate a good state of the public

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sand, moistened with two or three drops of water, at the

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diagnosis is possible, and the mere fact of the bromides controlling them may,

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surrounding the latter. These conditions are best shown by the fresh

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quest of the thief, but the missing property was eventuaUy

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perbelastung. Arch. f. Unfallheilk., Stuttg., 1898, ii, 220-

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erased, H. 14 pelb, B., here and in contents, but not in text 17 jelb

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a cure of the haemoglobinuria ; in that case, however, we do not sup-

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rhythmias, and possibly pneumothorax. 39 59 In a deterio-

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an end of the trial accorded to each new quackery '?

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reservoir. Care must be taken that the fluid does not pass

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to the immunity following bites, says that it is probable that this

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several other instances I have seen in morgue and dissect-

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does not clear up their mystery. Now some such cases have their

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intoxication. Of the remaining three animals of the group two

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is further refuted in the researches of a continental microscopist,

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patient was very feeble. A blister was ordered, and a

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first form tends to develop into new structure, the second to dis-

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the left foot was thought to have a lumbar disc herniation. CT

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Scientific content is numbered consecutively throughout the twelve monthly

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skin, would attempt to lie down ; indeed, when taken to his

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(d) Amyloid Degeneration. — This form of degeneration is rare. It o