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the greatest care is necessary to avoid transmitting in-
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right are Miss Alice Budny, Milwaukee, immediate past presi-
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a fair trial ; but though the conjunctiva continued clear,
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segments of the spinal cord (Table II.) It will be seen that some muscles
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small papule. The papular lesion on the skin becomes scaly
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that it is fair to assume that the last word entitled to
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they (lo were it not for the dinner pill, the inorninj? saline, or
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Schlichting, Bing, de Winel, Burton, Johnson, Field. Van der
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hydrophobic virus, since similar conditions are found
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It is obvious from the foregoing account that the arsenic first
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which may also cover the whole surface of the coagulum, or almost constitute
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vegetable and animal albumins were capable of combining
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went Cajsarean section, that becoming a second time
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strabismus. These symptoms have been attributed with
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was pretty well fixed, while the best method of dealing with
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a reference book for them. The metric system has been used for
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parts were removed, and healing quickly followed. The pulse throughout the
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the stain are dropped upon the cover-glass, and the latter held over the
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In 191^6, Chace and Myers^ formulated their views ui)on the
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a small fibroid projects into the uterine cavity, so as to be within
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may inflict upon their stomachs, to their ultimate utter ruin, four or five
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stances." Comparing this with the passage on page 550
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of fibroid tumors of the uterus by electrolysis was