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contractions of the left auricle and ventricle could be distinctly seen and felt. —

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portions of the urine are taken, to one of which is added a known

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Stitt called attention to the fact that these fish must pos-

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The iris in both had a dusky light yellowish ground, and a

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My' contains the same poisonous principle as C. thevetia— viz.,

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tonics act well as a rule (except in certain cases of mitral stenosis,

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nity Hospital there were one hundred and thirty-five with a

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larged. She soon spat up a thick yellowish substance* and

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patient reveals a large tumour, and when we examine the specimen we find

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cases free from involvement, while others showed distinct

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ture at the time of seizure. Upon any attempt to move the limbs

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air present in the many gas flames. The advantage of

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Sir : I have read with great interest the discussion on

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births, marriages, and deaths, and also of 1 Charles H. Haswell, New York ; Henry

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and Dr. Rigby, the possibihty of these tumours being removed by

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'* For a fistula, put an ounce of corrosive sublimate

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several days at least. In widespread cases, if acute, bran baths are useful ;