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duration of the wave. When a muscle is stimulated at any one point, the electrical condi-

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Association of American Physicians, Washington, D. C, April

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measuring [> in. in diameter had smooth round edges. The surface of the cyst

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Fort Wayne, treasurer. Kvansville was selected. for the next

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valvular incapacity, muscular deterioration, and other changes. The forces

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the sanitary condition of the work. There are several radical defects in

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by hydrocyanic acid. — Provincial Medical Journal, vol.

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Carter'" contributes to the literature of spontaneous gangrene the clinical

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not be forgotten, on the other hand, that sufferers from granular kidney

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the chloride. The inference seems justifiable that the excess of chloride in

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10. According to the law of Ohm the intensity of any electrical current

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fitting together by a movable pivot, and with a binding-

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menstrual flow being usually too abundant, or, as occasionally hap-

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results showed in Berlin, Paris, and New York, antitoxin

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the arteries, then through the capillaries, finally through

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of those dwelling on damp soils is inferior to that of those more favor-

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of the eye (Fig. 6). The nodules were of a pale, opalescent, or yel-

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reticular type of fibrosis, most likely representing

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experience. But in the beginning, during the enanthemic as well

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sures of the lung be adherent these should be opened and

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from a physician who attended to the compounding and

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not think they throw any additional light on the subject of our