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enter. If we could persuade nine-tenths of them to pause yet a year or

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great corporations and eminent universities, let us, the profession — a

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in London During the last year, the percentage of rejections of

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direct line. When one gets into collateral branches, the results are

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of the house-surgeon at the last meeting of the Board of Management,

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the cistern accidentally exceed the demand, the water will not overilow

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could not help taking notice of the rank in which it was placed. The

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2. Avicenna, Rhazes, and Haly Abbas, repeat the same account.

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The facts above mentioned have now drawn our attention to several

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Gentlemen wishing to become members of the Association are

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vanced in one eye ; in one instance it protruded as a fungating tumour

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planted into the same ulcer. He had seen, in a very healthy granu-

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ter Infirmarj', £\<xio to the Leeds Cancer Hospital, ;£'2000 to the Earls-

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furnish them with constant occupation and to dissipate as far as possible the list-

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Leeds Infirmary on July 3rd last. At midnight, July 2nd, he fell over

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of a yellow colour, and fatty. In no part of the fleshy columns was any

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as regards clinical instiniction, might be readily effected, if the number

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Mr. Atkinson advised his hearers to read the article entitled " Plain

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Director-General of Ordnance, and Captain Brackenbury, R.A., have

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which Professor RoUeston says : ' ' There are, I make no doubt, animal