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average daily increase in length to be 5.2 to 8.2 cm.; eggs may appear in

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also plainly audible on the right side of the uterus, extending up to near

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longata, and it is conceivable that such an effect may 1)6 brought

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assuming the specificity of particular "causal bacilli."

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I . - r Saturday, Sir Thomas Watson distributed the

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relating to teachers' certificates issued by county superin-

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sensory centres are posterior in tlie brain, and the motor centres

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in the spleen and never go over into the blood he speaks of as splenocytes,

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peritoneum to indicate the character of the disease. The tubes and

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The fact that the percentage of deaths is almost equalled by the

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stenosis with decompensation, taken April 14. 1913. showing normal rhythm

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tigation, having issued letters of instruction to the secretaries of state

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wet bed-clothes. The exposure of the open wound to the air acts

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I have not tabulated these cases, as I do not possess the

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conditions of the kidneys. Certain remedies have been supposed to have a

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joints in all stages of chronic rheumatism. The tincture they employ

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I PROPOSE to give you some lectures on Strangulated

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of statistical data. I shall not attempt to break down

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1 Wier, Opera, p. 403. man Mahr, masculine ; Isl. Mara,

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It was moved by Dr. Britton, seconded by W. J. Wilson and

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but this seemed insufficient to produce sympathetic ophthalmia. Is