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though the high temperature should persist for several days*

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only appears after prolonged and profound disturbance.

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made on fibroids, carcinoma, and anomalies of the vagina and

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Exophthalmos is, of course, not peculiar to Graves' disease. Besides

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conditions in man, such as erysipelas, puerperal sepsis, cellulitis,

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are always benign and usually slight. Vaccinia or cowpox is a benign

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blood through neighboring vessels. We must bear this in mind when,

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Antiseptic surgery has done much to render success more certain ; but the anti-

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generally reduce it. Barely is it necessary to use laudanum and

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ment that in Texas large doses of quinine were demand-

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roughened, high-pitched respiration. Over the left apex there

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more power of injurious survival in the body, and thus the affec.

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of the patients in the house who had been operated on during

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twenty inches long and about the size of an adult finger in the

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terior angular curvatures of the spine occurring in Pott's disease, and that he