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far excels that of the cheese ripened at higher temperatures. The better
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who should use it for bread ; to use hygienic measures rather
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the system, and there is no more efficient sudorific tiian a large dose
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converted wholly into bone. These outgrowths in some cases blend with
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expense of his general condition. Then comes the relapse. Syr. Hypophos. Conip.
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rapidly to treatment when iodin applications, plus a
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ter ? The ultimate chemical elements are the same with a piece of muscle,
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beginning of the disease, (ii.) That at the beginning of the fit the face
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Bourbon County Medical Society has elected the follow-
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stomach; uneasiness, and feeling of sinking in the stomach ; cramps in the
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ignoring for years a clearly proven discovery in medicine, one even,
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as Government teamster. On the wagon-master's command to him to drive
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the secretion from the ulcer which, when united with the
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vation to ascertain his exact position, to test his compass, etc.
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inspiration and expiration, but more csi)ecially the former, owing to the
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in the mucosa. FSrsterf holds that the connective tissue of the mucosa
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inflammation during that early period of syphilis in which the skin is
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untreated some may recover after a long lapse of time, but a
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up in the literature for the treatment of this most frequent and
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stitution then it must be changed. Therefore, 12 councilors must
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disease. The patient stated that, without vertigo or loss of conscious-
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other organs. It is this pain, experienced in the duodenum, and
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years, had had a tuberculous white swelling of the knee joint.
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Tracheotomy in tuberculous laryngeal stenosis, 342.
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from the continuation of this embarrassment. In supporting
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From June, 1886, to September, 189 1, he had made 564
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have a right to refuse an operation if the disease can be
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uring about 22/x in length, and contain in their interior a large
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the axis of the radius ; or indirectly— by torsion or by muscular