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its use, can seize the splinter where it has passed between
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M bullet, to which the German Mauser bullet and also the
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of both legs, extending upward, gradually implicating the muscles of the
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as a student have never been laid aside, and his powers of
tially fractured (vide infra). The spinal column is usually unaffected if the
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the simple medicine acted in the direction of the ever-present
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mydriasis, stertorous respiration, coma, are only seen in
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diseases of the blood and of the hemopoietic organs. Furthermore, the patho-
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I can offer you will be but a repetition of the principal arguments
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among the skilled specialists of New York City soon became evident.
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Toland, Connecticut. Calvin Hubbard, a brother of Dr. Hubbard's
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deep regret of the death of Dr. McManus, and desire to express our sense of the
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career of a journalist and became principal of the public
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Hospital, London. He became a member of the Royal College of Sur-
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of the child, but believed the contagion was imparted through
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and also fresh exacerbations of the disease, usually date from a pregnancy.
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monary Tuberculosis; member of the Pan-American Medical Con-
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this until 1872, and then became attending physician in the diseases
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Symptomatology. — The clinical symptoms of chronic arthritis are very
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Swayne married Mary, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah
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cine, a member of the American Medical Association, the Medical
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In 1876 Dr. Parish married Miss Isabel N. De La Motta,
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York Hospital, and the Physicians' Mutual Aid Association. In 1892
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the normal expression of the face, showing that there is no pa-
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in the blood lack confirmation. We cannot at all find that the general course
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Carl George Leo-Wolf, M.D., son of Louis and Ottilie (Hilb) Leo-
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View Reservoir, which is part of the New York Water Supply Sys-
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answers actually on record by her Majesty's inspectors of schools,
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member of the American Medical Association, the New York Academy
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" A Palace Prison " suggests, in some respects, that most
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typhus, pertussis, and other infectious diseases, cannot live in
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the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia, was born
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the surgical history. This was published as the official report of the
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deed, we may often err: hence we must possess some means of
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