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variety of surfaces, such as sand, paper, cloth, cotton, and various metals,
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mental supply of its fibrous structure ; then comes determina-
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The objective changes that take place in the skin are the development of tthiif
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observed during several passages, that the organism underwent a
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one of the most important and destructive of external diseases.
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his indomitable perseverance and energy. His medical de-
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the mucous membrane of the alimentary canal had a washed
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Of these, two were distinct cures, and the others with one exception
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tion. Finally, he reports the case of a boy, 14 years of age,
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sion was made through the cheek from the mouth to the
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there are three kinds which are always present, namely,
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workers have pharyngeal trouble as a result of their work,
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inal hypera?sthesia induced by red colored obiects. Tri-
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our discussion of the important principle which we are now considering,
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nad judgment throughout the book, we feel satisfied that the profession
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Denver, Col. Ocular Prothesis, by G. M. Black, Denver, Col. ; dis-
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mistake a lotion in which were dissolved two grains of atropine.
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perturbed state to calmness, to tranquillity, and rendered it back
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stroyed 'over the greater part of the limb : the surface beneath had an intensely