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be within, and the finger in the rectum can detect no abnormality

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spasm. Dr. Fox believes that in the fully developed attack the

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touching certain objects, a condition spoken of as mysophobia. In the

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was presented to the Medical and Chirurgical Society at its

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subject, drew attention to a number of points, of which the

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kidney is a diminution of the subdiaphragmatic space,

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appropriation and shall be paid by the State Treasurer

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I have said that the catastrophe of the winter of 1854-55 was

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experimentally, in their susceptibility to parasitic diseases. But until a

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system. This change in nervous function has received the name of

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not marked, the adynamia not great, the pulse not very frequent or feeble,

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degree. Its nutritive influence, however, extends beyond the mere

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fecting the brain, this has the most powerful local action on the stomach. A j

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and spontaneous joint-pain within the three or four days elapsing before my

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233 The Diagnostic Challenge of Chest Pam. Parts I & II Clinical