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termining its form and size. In this manner each organ is isolated,

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an exfoliating membrane. The contents of vomiae are mucopurulent or puru-

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staphylococcus is very widely distributed, and that it is

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ferable to many articles that are employed with similar de-

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cal Society in 1862. He ably and clearly showed that the

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they tend to end fatally. Unlike lupus vulgaris, it is often encountered on

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1. Medical Inspection of Schools, President John F. Sims, Stevens Point

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Dr. Inman saw him he had been ill for more than six months, and appeared to

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mitTvphusbacillen. Centralbl.f klin. Med.. Leip/.., 1887,

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one cauterization was usually sufficient; while on the mouth and

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of self-control will enable the parts to endure a much

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polyneuritis. Widal and Le Sourd have described a case of acute ascending

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the topic of fever were next brought up, and it was maintained

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him. It is believed that such a measure, which would be

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trict Branch Associations were still better — better organ-

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vacuolation and disintegration of the cell protoplasm.

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Instead of doing this — a work of an hour or two — he contents himself with

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been turned out to die of consumption before I came of

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use. These are spindle-shaped, and thus accurately adapt

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quantity of sugar eliminated in the urine. The patient died