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Following this came a paper by Dr. F. B. Dorse}', of Keokuk, on "Repair
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2, a stone situated on the anterior surface and near the
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brachial plexus, with associated eye changes, occurring in an
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Without quoting other statistics, it may be safely stated
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by an organism, and not inherited as a normal variation,
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a comfortable night. Bloody urine was passed in the morn-
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and progressing fairly welL He was, therefore, sceptical about the
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purely superstitious method of healing, and during his
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milk diluted with barley water and sweetened with cane
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extension from the inflamed cyst, or on its rupture into the pericardinm;
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lot of the general practitioner, and even going into the details of directions to
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tination reaction at any time or only late in the attack. This may be
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respirations were 21, and the only abnormal sound presented
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taken from a hydrant and shown under the microscope. —
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perature is increased by exercise, and sometimes by indiscretions
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mild cases. Unless we encounter them in an institution or
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overcome its effects. There is probably no antitoxic ower
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involuntary. The trachea and bronchi are lined by mucous mem-
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naming objects, in repeating words, but no psychical troulile.
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the man coming up behind, and turned the team to the
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cavities of the abdomen, and several gallons of salt-solution
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uterus. The bluish discoloration of the vagina, con-
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be, the patient is left in a state of insensibility wdiich
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tion of temperature ; the presence of a large quantity of watery