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apt to involve the heart, i.e. in all cases of acute rheumatism
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frequently in successive crops, overlapping each other in time. Inquiry
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cussion alone, the enlargement of a mass of mesenteric glands ;
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believes that his opportunities of testing its real value, have
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seventh day, her pnl-e was (H) and irregular. Discon-
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1912, as I have not now the time at my disposal to enter into details
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3. Position of the Greater Curvature. — ^This is of course the
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The tierras frias comprehends the flats which are elevated
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results ; in fact the patients sink into a state of marasmus ; death is usually
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much yet remains to be done in improving the physical
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far excels that of the cheese ripened at higher temperatures. The better
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of the patients had been healthy up to the hour when headache and nape-pain appeared, «^»
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fiubject, between the tropics, not only assumes complications, particularly,
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for it, that we can seldom be sure as to what particular
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tablespoonful of butter rubbed into the sugar, 3 eggs, 1 cup
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persons who had no glycosuria after the injection of epinephrin three
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Bureau Animal Indust., U. S. Dept. Agric, Wash., 8 pp. [W*.j
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Bourbon County Medical Society has elected the follow-
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serum had been administered. The serum from these cases
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as aloes, senna, rhubarb, jalap, &c. The compound gen-
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youth know the truth, for lies are the root of all evil !
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Methods of the Itinerants. By Edmund Andrews, M. D ,
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successive attacks of the different localities were produced, a
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eudeavored to discover another mode to avoid this sufl'ering, and at
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higher temperature, and that boiling fixed oils destroy
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rhagic cyst” have been loosely employed to desig-
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four periods of three weeks each, commencing with August 6, and ending
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The possible operations are pyelotomy, pyelostomy, nephrotomy,
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while passing the ligature ; and the ligature itself always made a raw, open,
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The direction of the oesophagus in the antero-posterior plane does
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est access to the iris, and especially its periphery, will be found to
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always danger associated with the process. This lies
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bulk. As 1.&50: 1000: : 96. In working this out we