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had been much inflammation, but no true suppuration.
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Traumatic Lesion Theory Classification of Lesions Examples
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know nothing about the making out of the report. I was asked 'to go with the chairman
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In an excellent and scientifically accurate manner it
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This seems a rational procedure, since it aims at a cure of the metritis and
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scharlachalinliche Hautausschliige. .Tahrb. f. Kinderh.,
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fingers. It is quite unnecessary that the splints should extend
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hospitals in the territory. On the other side the advantages to the
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only, offers to his legitimate patients inducements in
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of the trees, flowers and grasses it can become unspeakably worse. The
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of acute or chronic endometritis with salpingitis or peritonitis, and
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30. Nasal Polypi. These prevent insurance during their continuance or
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edges causes the handles to be fully extended, and the op-
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with the ligatures attached is returned, and in a short time the en-
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the careful use of the bandage, may be treated by other measures. The
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would be to recapitidate nearly all the important advances that have
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channels being enormously distended and gorged with blood ; in the
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In a second case, a man of 36, had had symptoms related to
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Bulletin of the Harvard Medical Association, No. 4.
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formed, the perpetrators are receiving the denunciation