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cases in which one or more clots are found in the diseased
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kna.bkerri.' w.i;md- .ire \er\, .md de.ilh i- u-ii,i!b. iii-tantancoii;.
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In an eighth case (1895 ; age 4^ months ; ill eight days ; on second day
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grooves. In three days they still lived, but were unusually flat ; but
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diagnosis been made. Of 26,000 medical admissions to the Johns
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teachers in the University, which ])r(jspered so mucli that in ISIO
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a zig-zag manner. Their nostrils are so full of a foetid discharge
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trace of membranes were visible, although the pharynx
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pain on pressure of extremities and sj>ine. Not much pain in the head.
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nated the lung, for whatever pigment particles are deposited in the lung probably
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fixed in its position, as well as more comfortable to the patient.