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Drs. Sambon, Low, and Terzi, has been so far successful.
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ICommanicatcd for the Boston Medical and Surgical Joornaf.]
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lie did not stop with this, but purchased a more extensive apparatus at
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propagation of that disease, and who, while he was temporary
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brain was examined sixty-two hours after death by Dr. M. Allen
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"iron wire, formerly employed to fasten champagne corks, having been
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gets into deep mud or snow. The fore feet are more liable than
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All subsequent writers have recognised the truth of this picture. It
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after metorrtiagia; when riding or wallLing, palpitation compels one to
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B. supplied about 225 households in whicli 1^52 cases occurred. :i
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the morning, and at each meal, for a week or ten days, has cured
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Tetany is an affection characterised by tonic muscular spasms involving
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in the thick part of the thigh, have pre-lficient, through the medium of one or rnore