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of the tongue, to push between the teeth a piece of flat cork or rubber
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Resolution is usually complete, though permanent enlargement of the
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atica. In the acute disorder leeching is often of service, and the free,
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cation and enlargement of the nuclei ; then atrophy of the medullary
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are dilated, and occasionally there is one with its walls thickened. There
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gives upon palpation the feeling of a hard tumor (phantom tumor) ; ordi-
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he necessary to go farther and examine in what order the ventricles,
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irritation in a susceptible child may cause so much vital depression and
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cedematous swelling, which may involve both the skin and the mucous
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is in a groove between the olivary and restiform bodies of the medulla.
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the determination of the means best adapted to wai'd off the di^ase, or
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ergot is given in full dose, from thirty to fifty grains a day, in capsules.
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distinction is to be drawn between acute pericarditis and chronic peri-
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inflammatory instead of the dropsical nature of the serous fluid is
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the amount of food given in these cases should be that of possible diges-
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pains in the scar. The first pronounced symptoms of the stage of excite-