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most important and anxious feature of an abnormal reaction. The re-
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a wonderful change. The patient finds he can breathe more freely, and
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relations that orders may be carried out without offending them. If in
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is about 57° to 52° F., and the average number of rainy days is between
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Relation between Relapsing and Typhus Fevers. — Some interest at-
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ment of which they will be peculiarly called upon to give their aid.
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following strangulation of the gut or intestinal obstruction, usually
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of diapedesis and absence of leucocytes when the toxin at the same
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A point upon Avhicli the local physicians justly lay great stress, is that
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the success of treatment. Dr. Ewing does not consider the high
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methods of treatment hitherto proposed for the cure of vesico-vagi-
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The average winter temperature of New Orleans, during the years
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bis own practice, for patients in typhoid fever, and that the patients had
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also and Iceland the disease was widely prevalent between 1845 and
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One or more of the tissues may be unduly susceptible or insusceptible
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the particular indications, both by day and by night. The amount re-
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In the most intense cases (such as were formerly so often seen in
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a northern winter, Dr. Tuckerman 's pamphlet seems to be called for ;
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crystalline eruption, consisting of an immense number of watery vesicles ;
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but individually smaller. This rash was never petechial. It appeared
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generally it does not agree with the definition of the yellow form made
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of the world the rule holds good, especially in the case of children and
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