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gives rise to what is called the prune-juice expectoration. It is to be
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ration, is developed gradually and imperceptibly. It may remain for a
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kinds. In one form, solid masses or nodules, varying in size from that of
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ease, like that of a particular man to the species homo. The study of in-
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great photophobia and lachrymation : could not see eye ; ordered
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well adapted for this purpose. There are no indications for mercury ex-
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the lapse of a few days. Dr. Huston saw the patient in consulta-
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the bowels occur involuntarily, the pulse becomes more and more feeble,
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General, and Microscopic," illustrated by a great number of
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health and disease, the more important of the characters which have been
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to be sought for elsewhere. Symptoms relating to the circulation, which
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with the parotid, submaxillary, and sublingual glands, the pharj^nx
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as we do not advertise to the public, physicians will kindly be particular to insist on
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But to return to the first patient. On Thursday last parturient
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to mask the cardiac disease, and lead the practitioner to suspect disease
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fifst seven days of that time, thirty-four grains of tartar emetic.
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the inspiration is shortened, and the expiration prolonged. As chronic
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warm bath, or the application of steam or hot air. It is not desirable to