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Professor, and his idle assumption, that, by their exposition,

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Doctors Young and Parry think the pulsations are pro-

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a sprain, the perfect rest induced by the splints will cure it quicker

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open ; but the parts altogether are in such a condition that, some

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received from my learned and excellent friend, N. D. Steb-

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teaches different departments in each of his schools ; his brain is multiloc-

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more abundantly by the skin than in normal health. By the

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sphincter is gently dilated. The ulcer is now thoroughly exam-

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Chloroform. They remained with her for more than an hour,

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Prominent among the numerous minor operations reported in the

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of the body rarely indicates any disturbance, and the urine

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and he further asserts (p. 73) that this umteries marbi is an acid, or an acid-

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pathetic nerves, only through the medium of mental emotions ;

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* See Dr. Hardy's pamphlet, p. 7. t See Medical Press, Nov. tf , 1864, p. &i7.

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erate the heat necessary for the enjoyment of health ; and

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ence. Analogy suggests many forms of disease — organic or functional —

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