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consisted of a single, short, hoarse bark, often repeated several times in a

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found at the knees, and double club-feet of an exaggerated type. The

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Associate in Dermatology, Johns Hopkins University.

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cramps, numbness, pricking or lancinating pains, etc., which follow

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enlarge the conception of the term scrofula to include almost

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killed at 68° C. for one hour for the first injection, and twice this

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is diminished by the possible dependence of the aggravated constitutional

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397. Sit firmly but comfortably in your seat, body erect, without

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bumin, quieted the conscience of the great clinician.

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very closely to some chyle, which he had, a few minutes previous, collected

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This condition is, in reality, an infection by a strepto-

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have given valuable service in spite of their short-

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ing. Words can not describe it; reading can not de-

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Then palpitation may be set up by far-away irritation.