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use. These are spindle-shaped, and thus accurately adapt
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of remittent and continued fevers, for the reason that these diseases
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sjinptoms, which had continued after the first operation.
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Reese, M. D., Revised by Henry Leffman, A. M., M. D., Ph. D.
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of prescriptions, but in all other business transactions
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cough painless ; temperature 99^, but pulse 114 ; patient complaining of pal-
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a proof of its good effects as a sedative. A lady has
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be denied. That it possesses sufficient materiality
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possibility of anything adhering to them, for they were
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take to hurry the delivery of the body of the child.
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aggravation of the skin and alimentary tract symptoms with pro-
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the greatest length of time, and the object of this paper
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Hunter, Alison, Craigie, Martin). It has been held also that
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unstable to be of value except for a most superficial classification, and the
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due ^ une p(5ritonite suppur6e. Rev. de chir., Par., 1886,
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estimated that we excrete somewhat more than this ({uantity by tlie
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On: tjf the Editors of the Half- Yearly C(iu:pendiu7n of Media.
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against perforation. Subacute inflammation gives rise to symptoms less dis-
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A small quantity of the fluid or substance to be examined is
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later. Those placed in the nonsterile earth died very promptly
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docent in the University of Vienna ; authorized translation from the
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tain that the general condition is the most important
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chemotherapy 8 - 69 " 71 and the malignant pericardial effusion
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times attain such a degree of severity as to resemble the
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arrested by forci-pressure and torsion. Some iodoform powder was
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mained sterile." Media suitable for gonococci were not tried,
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perience on the subject, that smooth bodies (beans or shots, for
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subject. It is just here where Parvin asserts that ab-
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Chir. Trans., vol. vii., p. 216) is very singular ;