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This shows that each specific germ produces a substance or sub-

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I apprehended internal sloughing I occasionally touched the throat with

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members of the College who leave the province for a number of years and subsequently

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Terminal Cancer: The Hospice Approach to the Family,

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hepatic region, instantly fell insensible and remained so

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correspond to the high color-index noted (nearly 1.2), and, according

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of 12.5 yards, or such interval as the commander may direct. The

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muscle before making a further attempt to pass the catheter.

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discussion, but thought that in the course of a few minutes he

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change, and inability to dilate the laryngeal opening.

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serving of his otium cum dignitate, after having been so long a

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inclines to the latter view, and considers that two classes of cases should be recog-

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period, but this expedient ceases to be useful when there is much exu-

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sent for you to see what is the matter." Not to go into too

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tive statements, yet they strongly suggest that certain generalizations

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diminished at the beginning of the febrile attack, was reduced to a

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Resinol Soap is the great adjunct to the Ointment, and ren-

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T. G. LoaAN, M.D., C.B., Director>Gen. Army Med. Department.

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It was votedy Iftiat the Recording Secretary renew the offer of a j^emium

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Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Temperatures averaged 102° F. among

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have not yet been traced by authoritative zoologists. Its

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3. A Treatise on Contagious Typhus. From the German of J. Vai. De

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irido-choroiditis having resulted (?), followed by total

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medicine into a new center, and as a matter of fact they serve their

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The following points may serve in attempts at differentiation from

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should not like to absolutely deny the existence of such a con-

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k achs, in approximately right proportions, the things that

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