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these the lesions had been found distributed either in the angu-

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was, to that good man, one of deep and thrilling interest. He had

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my arrival and of those which were suggested by myself

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(8) Van der Velde and Landtsheer, Archiv de Medicin des Enfants, 1903, 6, 408-412.

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of blood corpuscles. women, especially after large losses of blood

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spirits of nitre where secretion was scanty, were the only

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"abortive" type is illustrated by the Stoke Elvers outbreak, which, as

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linear electrolysis, and he presented bis instruments by which

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•educing qualities of the ditt'erent articles of diet pre-

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tributing much toward the recovery of those who had it. The

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It is unwise to give tuberculin to a patient with acute pleuritic pain.

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the earliest case occurring at the age of sixteen months.

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invented by Wintemitz we can mea'sure this increase and decrease

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1029 persons examined, 47 were not recommended, 8 by reason of

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cavities of the body were cabinets of mystery contain-

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possible to mechanically remove this infection by adequate surgical

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officer, and, if performed without tact and judgment, may be-

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membrane which lines it feems to be fomewhat fofter and red-

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Analysis of these different globulin preparations by the method of van Slyke

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our discussion of the important principle which we are now considering,

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upon the subject in English literature, it is hoped that the

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of this paper, was first published in the Transactions

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Pathology Committee, which did not consider the growth was carcino-

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An Acardiac-acephalous Monster.— Dr. W. J. BRAifDi re-

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Menstruation, as well as pregnancy, may excite spasms in women with

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blister to the throat and upper part of sternum, and a mild and farinaceous diet,

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fatal to his hypothesis. Before quoting these statements,

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Clinical Observation in Malaria as Seen in the Mississippi

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found to contain tubercle bacilli the outlook was grave.

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of the above places, upon payment (per post-office order) of 4s.l0d.

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Sept. 1860. The child (five days old) died quietly on its mother's arm while