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multiple Graafian cysts, cyst of the corpus luteum, adhesions

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the action of drugs given intravenously by assuming a secluded posi-

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the intestine at the same time. This, however, is not true of Bacillus

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cyanosis of the lips and finger tips. Dyspnoea is an important factor.

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cannot be procured, a good substance for an emetic is powdered mustard, in the

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natsh.. Berl., 1891, v, 189-191.— Collier (M.P. Case

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to be so invariably fatal as has been represented. He is of

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Uses. — Tobacco is not a particularly valuable medicinal

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tive or physiological character of irritation, fever, and inflamma-

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other hand, in persons with a " chilblain " circulation, the

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model for quality oversight of clinical decisionmak-

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admitted with temperature of 103'4o F., with phthisis.

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The American Ybar-Book of Medicine and Surgery, 1896. A

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Surface and pressure are measured l)y means of an instrument,

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minishes, or even prevents, such convulsions. 6. In

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nesday his father noticed that the young man had taken a pistol from the

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the appendix into various surrounding structures. Septic thrombosis

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exudate, until the throat was found to be free of diph-

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broken cap flew from the hammer into the right eye.