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consulted Dr. Johnson in 1877, and was placed on a carefully-
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ducible hernial tumor. Men in hospital practice, who see
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associated arteriosclerosis, particularly of the coronarles, stenocardia, and
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organized State association would be in a far better
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are unwise in skipping the older men who have been in the service longer
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prove so that he may enjoy the fruits of his labor.
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Honorary Fellows. — At the afternoon session, on motion of
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discrimination of the disease, in the great majority of cases, sufficiently
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comparison with those of other structures which have already
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*' If the breast burns with avarice and wretched desire, there are words
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improved at first and left the hospital, but was read-
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September, 7500 quarts; October, 7700 quarts; November, 8100 quarts.
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