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opening the trachea after intubation, which is not an
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and eternity seems no longer lost in the illusive hues of distance.
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Cutaneous repressions are in many cases followed by epileptic
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from thi! api)reliension of (lie Sinall-l'ox ; the (iovernor lias con-
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appearance are very variable within normal limits, and one must
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one person to another by the introduction of a virus, and never, alafc
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acid properties; whether one assumes, as do Macfadyen and Nencki as well as Ogata,
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which surround those who are prospective victims of the
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dry." All fresh wounds healed without reaction, fever, or
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or Static Machines, Methods of Use and Therapeutic Indica-
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observer during an organic analysis. I have arranged the results in as con-
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face wounds, and the bacilli are conveyed from previous
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to obtain, and by adding "the names of those killed in
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the matter have been the jobbers and smaller dealers
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that these organs should be removed. The effect of this
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4. Some Ocular Manifestations of Arteriosclerosis. Charles
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of the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia. They are to
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drops of various mineral impurities in the carbon. The
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physis, including the subpubic ligament, unless the situation is urgent,
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descriptive ; but the third involves problems of much higher
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ficiently so to prevent its healthful use for drinking purposes.
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days. The various deaths may be referred to pulmonary consumption in tico
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fession than any single act of any nation on the face of the
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Retention from Displacement, Bending, and Valve Forma-
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ily producing excess acetylcholine accumulation in the cen-
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cate with, and terminate in a network of vessels, composed of an in-
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For this reason, and in view of the unsatisfactory means of diagnosis,
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on the patience of the society, by giving a detailed account of
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ledge. But the Eclectics, too, in time established a school or system.
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completely emi)ty and contracted. The kidneys were healthy.
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was elected Vice-President of the .\ssociation for life.
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yonkhe insimu. Ngakusasa njalo babuyele ensimini, baphindze njaio
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Medical properties and uses. — The root, properly pre-
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culties. In this contUtion the tumor may repeatedly disappear with great
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best, and should be given in doses of five to ten drops to an infant one year old. Older
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the treatment of the latter disease. Cold spongings, with the ice-cap or the