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unfavorable prognostic. Many patients have lived to undergo the

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MISSOURI MEDICINE/January 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 1 53

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quency, or slowness or irregularity of action, with some-

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like this are very significant of organic defects of the brain ; whereas

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of operating for its relief. After having introduced a sound

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and a lowering of the arterial tension, has accompa-

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involving both lobes of the gland, excision of one lobe

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division all sources of infection are recognized and included without

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cases of yellow fever and 3 deaths. Total deaths to

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upon so important a ,-ubject should be submitted to Parliament, for it

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freedom from striking symptoms. It is necessary to consider carefully the

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the teeth. In some cases he had separated the jaws quite rap-

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the infection followed immediately upon the operation

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brought more prominently before the profession by Dr. H. M.

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been able to find in the vast amount of literature pub-

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ipecacuanha emetics, saline purgatives, and repeated doses of

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"1st. The specific principle of diphtheria in all probability enters

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are not so desirable, but they may be used cautiously with persons w^ho

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theless, he described lesions, like wounds of the head, of the

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The second epoch, or that of observation and accurate recording of

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interaction between metronidazole and tinidazole

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improve upon what is known already, and thus to advance

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quamations goes on rapidly ; in a few days a horse with the most

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his susceptibility to iodide of potassium was so great that a glass of

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excessive sweating and salivation, mercurial or otherwise.

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practice medicine or surgery in this State, and any person who ^all hold

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women in whose ovaries they were found had a history of

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stating that the Balneological Society (of which he is President) had

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thirty. The latter appeared after the former had existed for a period varying

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the bowel through these openings into its normal position behind

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profuse sweats, fetid breath, great tenderness of the walls of

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North America, by Sir Alexander Tulloch, is as follows : —

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Mr. ApoUonio, at the close of his report, congratulates the city on the mani-

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of the temporal bones and the occipital bone are more horizontal. The

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lysis of a consideralite uumberof cases, the diagnosis ofnb

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and that was an oath to that efiect ! To any one who,

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to quinine. Pouqueville declares it is infallible in the intermittents of the

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during the entire time, in spite of the fact that the room is badly venti-


the medical profession as a tiade subject to rules of

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