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tends to become rough, and even to give rise to granulations. The
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duration, contraction, and relaxation ; but the contemporaries of Harvey were
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Graduate, Nov., 1901 ) in early cases is to rest in bed
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or on the materials for generating this acid : thus, for muriatic
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The most important indication, however, in the management of
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wards, is also beneficial. Such are the only means in our power to meet
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wound, the stagnation and decomposition of its secretions are impossible, in
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designedly omitted because its termination was unfavourable.
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Irom the inoculation of a cow with the virus of human variola.''
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great in the latter's case that incision had to be re-
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power ; or that they so manage as to stupify and debilitate, by not
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with an electric fain, many of the ill effects of a vitiated atmosphere are
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fibrous tissue around the Malpighian bodies and vessels,
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The Newer Therapy of Gonorrhea. — It was the discovery of the
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literature, we suggest that patients with N meningitidis
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Animal Suture," by Dr. Henry 0. Marcy, of Massachusetts ; " Report
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flex, i. e., "a paralysis due to an excitation that has come to the spinal
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signs of serious illness, but had labored under impaired appetite,
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The various portions of the sublimis possess an interesting relation to
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Mrs. F., white, nearly 20 years of age, was married
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bolic acid. A 2 or 3 per cent, solution rapidly destroys the sta-
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parts, were speedily successful in relieving the pain. Contrary to my expec-
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fat, more or less, takes the place of the fibre. The heart consequently
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discharge of fseces, attests the insensibility of the mucous mem-
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""Muscles of the Human Body," mentions the psoas parvus
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generally commenced the consideration of the individual functions with a
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joint swelling greatly dmiinished, the aching and pain were much
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rigidity of the cervical muscles, are generally present. Con-
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cording to the average rate of 2^ feet per century, however vast, will not be
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recently in India that a whole regiment has suffered severely
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delirium, witli disposition to stupor, is associated with a typhoid tend-