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Assistant Visiting Obstetrician. ., Karl M. Wilson.

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When no institution is mentioned, the degree or position refers to the Johns

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trics, 1902-1909 ; ""Resident House Officer, 1898-1899 ; Physician in charge, the

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finances of the society to be in first-class condition, and that almost

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Michigan Asylum at Kalamazoo. The physical examination at

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lein; lactose) in orthostatic albuminuria. — American Journal of

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In addition to the foregoing exercises, students are given

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early and later life. This account is usually very imperfect. It

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presence in the perivascular spaces of nearby vessels is not inconsistent with their glial origin.

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the windows closed, and all cracks stopped up with wax paper. A

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The right ureter was catheterlzed with the aid of a

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Colon Bacillus. — Three cases were treated with colon bacillus

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Watson Womack Gray. Farmville, Va. 704 N. Broadway.

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scoliosis is less important than has been supposed.

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of five cases of fracture of the hip in children. Chase, H. M., Jr., 552.

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and pathology; and throughout the year elective courses in

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devoted exclusively to the third year students. Each student

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corner. We are perfectly able to take care of and ship any order

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A. B., Smith College, 1914 ; Graduate Student, New York University,

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A. B., Vassar College, 1912 ; Columbia University, Summer, 1912.

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puts a gauze drain through the posterior cul-de-sac

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50. Nambu: Ueber die Genese der Corpora amylacea des Centralnerven-

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