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each symptom on a separate line, one under the other ; the
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some forms of chronic bronchitis, and after hooping-cough.
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of gratification afforded evidence of what he had suffered mentally from the
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catheter, owing to the change in direction of the urethral canal. It
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halations for twelve hours, the pharynx was clear, and
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Silver Nitrate. — Horses and cattle, 2 to 5 grains ; sheep,
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it will only give a presumption. It is sufficient, for the
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Leonardo Botallo of Asti, in Piedmont (born in 1530). The
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consisted of a single, short, hoarse bark, often repeated several times in a
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matory masses, enteroptosis, and so on, but the great
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Blood serum, the albumin and globulin content of human, in health, syphilis,
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hospital, the urine commenced to show a considerable increase
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strength. Occasionally he is also, and possibly first, struck by some