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low down as the fifth or sixth thoracic. The plantar response is extensor.

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time from the date of vaccination, then I think that my supposition is

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selves to its dangerous poison, several dying in the attempt, but

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steadily get worse and die, it is most improbable that anything but disease

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drugs, yerba santa (Eryodiction glutinosum) and the oil of eucalyptus are

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sac, scraping and suture of the ring, suture of the skin.

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complaint is that they are constantly catching colds. Such

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have died of this complaint, the author has found the uterus

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Case IV. — R. B. laboured under symptoms of stone for

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died in great agony in Guy's Hospital, he lived ten years with a consider-

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birth. In the heart, for instance, the foramen ovale and the ductus arteriosus,

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of this was injected into the peritoneal cavity of a rabbit, and death occurred

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however, must decide for himself under what circumstances he may profit-

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Iceland by Learcd, Iljaltliu, and Finsen. It would appear

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child was perfectly bright so far as could be tested in a

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his own observations. To such an extent is tho absence of anxiety char-

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