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Tteatment. — ^In the way of prophylaxis little can be done in any individ-
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wheel-cnair developed in some of Holtzapple's cases. While this affection
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bowels do a part of the work of elimination. This has already been dis-
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hole ami till em ill Iciiirlli, is iiradualcd to (l.dl c.e from 1.") c.e. to _')
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found in the neighborhood of the tubules, rupture may occur and the urine
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bias, the association is conunon. At the climacteric, vasomotor disturbances
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'111 tho systemic cireldatiou. In the first iilace, liecanse the |)ressiiie
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38. Pneumonia. — The exact history of an attack of pneumonia should be
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to make voluntary movements of the digits while the galvanism b applied."
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favorable factors, and to avoid a hypercritical attitude and the use of
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cases the pyelitis met with in descending infections either arises simultane-
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this is a prime step in calculus formation. Exclusion from the diet of
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oxalates are whitish. Cystin calculi may change color on exposure to the
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Mood, for, as we have seen, constancy of (",, is one ot' tlie most rcniark-
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nephritis have been known to recover. The collective report of Cabot,
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different times, at the distance of a fortnight, in
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with rest and other measures, or in those who are not able to take such
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' iiiNoiplion rather than tiiose of mass action. In this case it is im-
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resolved to try the terebinthina. I desired him to abstain
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ihi' present time, ahnorniai clottinji mi-iht he due to the follou inu'
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ever, that osteopsathyrosis in children may represent a survival of certain
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absence of cardinal symptoms — ^asthenia, pigmentation, and gastro-intestinal
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Mililed in small i|naiitities at a time. This plieiiemeiiou, wliieli is also
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who are usually flabby, but given to heavy eating and indolent ways. A
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rr of hand or foot, was 10,1: when it was 22.8 C, the tlow was 12. S;
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