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cause more small pox took place in London in the decade embracing
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phasised, as also that weak and distant rather than tubular
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waterclosets are placed upon landings on the staircase just
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a mere presumption. The fact that so many persons were
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Brighton— have already set the example in issuing certificates, and the
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tion. This would be good for us, and I make bold to urge it.
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The undermentioned gentlemen have been granted leave of absence as
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sions introduced; but, as could hardly be otherwise, from the
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Nightingale. P. A , M.B., CM., appointed Physician to His Highness the
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showed that about a fortniulit before she had been seized with sudden
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He had been later on joined in the business by Mr. Strange.
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vous system, resulting in acute pneumonia, and- the latter condition
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it was natural to ascribe to this not only the malady itself
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small-pox. The death-rate from diseases of the respiratory organs m
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On March 20th the temperature was normal. The stools
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the use of the galvano-cautery. There was no history of
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Dr. MoRisoN replied that there was no change in the pliysi-
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kind of pessary is not always introduced with the same skill,
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into an organic combination, which gradually supplies the
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"dim religious light" dear to the poet brightened by the sunlight of the
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-anitted in July, 1891, suffering from a large popliteal aneurysm
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Knocknacuna Hill is dotted with the intense blue blossoms of the
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march past as a company in line, a march past as a regimental bearer
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formed what, I regret to say, I could not at the present time
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by almost complete suppression of urine, and ended fatally
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in the nerhouse in Auckland Road East, Southsea, under the presidency
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upon the list of drugs before us seem to have acted very unjustly to A.
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movements were felt. On March 3rd, 1890, the movements
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fixion, as the Antivivipection Act had come into force. It is
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a case of acute glanders, in whicli the usual nasal discharge
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of perhaps the most important surgical Society in America
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portant prophylactic measures, though difficult to enforce.
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would recognise the resulting charge on the local rates and
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enlarged, dilated, and transformed into a kind of abscess
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it in the right iliac fossa in one instance ; in another a single
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applied around the hips, and the patient put to bed.
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proving the necessity of giving pure nulitary titles to medical officersis
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