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tain signs and symptoms which may possibly furnish a clue
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to the service and contentment of the reasonable demands
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but it is not dependent on light, .'i'd, 4th, and «th. Complete paralysis
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habits of many proselytes who had failed to realise the
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anythin'^ thev can get ; (2> that there are a certain number of the public
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removed last year, and that he had applied in November to
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same unsatisfactory results. This is a further argument
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Dr. John Duncan read this paper. He said the two main
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volved, oxygen inhalation was often very useful as a tem-
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Alleged Increase of Cancer," in which they supported the
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plexion. The ditterence between Gassner's results— namely,
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and tenderness in the region of the appendix, and as, more-
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practical bearing. This is my excuse for placing on record
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ciiolecystotomy. At the operation the gall bladder was found
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influence on the lives of their children, so much so that in the
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ledged. Dr. McBride, Mr. Butlin, Mr. Victor Horsley, and
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to run over its surface. Finally, the india-rubber teat is re-
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quired by any other method, whilst there is a great saving in
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blishment, is promoted to be Surgeon-Colonel from April 1st. He was
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was made in the paper, pointed to some direct effect on the
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is known. The sincerity of the cry is to be measured by the
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greatly annoyed that the house-surgeon who had charge of
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tinguishable. The nervous disturbances characteristic of
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quorum; and in 1-90 the same expedient was adopted to facilitate the
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Griffin's Yeabbook of Scientific and Learned Societies. 1S&4-S.',
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fingers to the head, to the neck, to the hand, to the epigastrium, to
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fireproof floors above, but in doing so had neglected to see
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fes-<or<Totch's conclusion derived from the alleged destruction of
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health in Staffordshire for the information of the County
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workers are likely to make a proper use of spare time, and
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leprosy is a phase of inherited syphilis.'' This view cannot
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International Congress of Hygiene at Buda-Pesth. —
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4- Skin, F, 2; Throat and Nose, S., 10. Operation Days.-Ttx.
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April 20th, 1.S93, at 4 o'clock p.m. Gentlemen who wish to read papers, or
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rt was not proved that the involvement of the actual apex was
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£1G,850). Of this sum 71,452 florins 33 Icreutzers was ex-
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Had this rate obtained for the whole of England and Wales,
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but all to no purpose. Colonel Shepard died four hours after
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\ Brigade Surgeon-Lieulenant-uolonel William Nash, M.D., is promoted
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bodies, yet we cannot admit that there will ever be written
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births and 4,123 deaths were registered during the week ending Saturday,
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ration of his case might be postponed until November next,
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tremes of life ; children died of some infantile complaint, and
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Clinical Society of London, 8.30 p.m.— Mr. W. Bruce Clarke: A Case
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may not necessarily be correct. The throat symptoms may
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- ■ Tobcinafa'on.— Mr. Balfodb asked the Home Secretary, with reference
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of the Eye.] By Dr. Perlia. Hamburg and Leipzig : L.
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stration of medicines, and to remedy this state of things he
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Manchester 6,368 infants who had not completed their first
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Officer in India is desirous of introducing a rule to the effect