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not uncommon in it. It is chronic in its course, and obstinate to treat-

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I found tliat to get (roughly speaking) £.S00 gross (leaving £-',0i> profit,

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established, will be found to have suffered from cold feet, remaining

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it stayed put; the same way with the leg on the opposite side. Putting

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(2) Sarcoma (?) of the Base of the Skull, which had for several

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Addison's disease derived its name from the eminent English phj-s

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assurances of penitence and future good behaviour, restored.

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to chronicle two deaths as the direct result of the operation.

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into the serous sacs, both in the pleura and the pericardium. It

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though many persons may not take enough Uquor at one time to

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private purse the sum of 500,000 lire (£20,000). Including this

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pain produced by pressure, as by tumors, abscesses, etc., or cramps,

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bladder have been made. Urine obtained from two sources,

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were not proliibited. The American regulations — of which

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case, but in two years he became an idiot and, fortunately, died.

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and may be wholly independent of any infection, tuberculous or other-

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unmixed with other organisms in the depth of such lesions and in the

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beticorum in a male of middle age who was stout and well

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the nature of an infection, and, therefore, the question of its communi-

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up, d'Arsonval and I had proposed it against certain forms of

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the membrane, and after keeping up this douching for six days and

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of nutrition, shown in the wrinkled skin and whitened hair.

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which the attention of the law oflicers of the Crown should

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albicans. Its ordinary English term is "thrush," and the French,

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the performance of tracheotomy ; and (3) the fact that

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ment : " I enclose final report of specimens of middle turbi-

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made to raise the level of nutrition, and place the patient in the most

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harsh than the aortic murmur and by its abrupt termination with the

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gastroduodenal ulcers are usually prevented from causing general

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dyle of the humerus. It began to be a little painful two hours after-