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life as well, and perhaps have saved him such constant distress of
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CLXI. Chronic Phthisis — Enlarged liver — Albuminuria — Large excava-
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usually a short, quick tone. Sewall has recently called attention to
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"Wilkinson also said that the mother and daughter had
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those we have ourselves made and here recorded upon these children, we are
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prohibits these investigations in the majority of cases.
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education of the better classes is improved, we must expect
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cians, as Drs Mace, Blanc, Berthier, Monard and Forestier, it has
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trayed with such remarkable accuracy by Lanci&i,
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being semi-transparent, allows of an examination of the parts
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is a melancholy reflection, that between seven and eight thousand of
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on a process of disintegration, resulting in the ulcer, make up a
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well to give a sleeping draught for a few nights after an attack has
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cases the lung involvement is altogether latent; in other cases it gives
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at all have come, and in one instance came the naive excuse that after
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in regard to many questions of causation and prevention of
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number of twins born of a mass of women in different
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apparently as a result of chronic carbonic acid poisoning he tended to sleep at
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phy of these latter days, that we utterly despair of the complete
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sented cardiac lesions. The supposition of an immunity of the
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siderable hypersesthesia of the skin covering it. There exists a hy-
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was an active arthritis, with a temperature of about 102°. Dur-
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posium on fractures, has but just come to my notice :
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and her delusions are more fixed. She left the dinner-
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furnish a copy of his papar for publication, on the
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for profound gratification. The long labors of the committee,
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the fact that certain of his uncles and aunts had died of the
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the other child became infected. In reference to its occurrence on the
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discovers nothing but the retinal detachment. The first
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they can scarcely be said to be of rare occurrence, since slight traces of